Scan to cloud solutions for your business

The alliance of design and technology at the service of innovation. Scan, store and share all your documents in one click.

399 €

The new generation Scanner

Live a new experience and enjoy much greater performances
than with your Smartphone.

Simple and fast

Perfect ergonomics and easy to pick up. One single button, one single click per page, no computer.

Precise and efficient

Smart LED lighting, framing always successful thanks to its integrated lasers, anti-reflection, anti-halo and sharpness control.

Large formats: A3 (poster) to A8 (business card)

Scan easily any document formats up to A3, and even beyond, with the mosaic feature.

Mobile and secure

Tiny, independent, with 8h autonomy and over 2,000 pages integrated memory.


Innovating features such as characters recognition (OCR), automatic correction of page curvature.


Automatic transfer and sharing features toward your Cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) and social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

The PUP universe

The result of 2 years of collaboration between engineers
and designers.

Choose your PUP

The PUP is available in Black, Electrical blue, Gold, Pink gold and Silver.
399 €