The world’s fastest pocket scanner

The alliance of design and technology at the service of innovation. Scan, store and share all your documents in one click.

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The new generation Scanner

Live a new experience and enjoy much greater performances
than with your Smartphone.

Simple and fast

Perfect ergonomics and easy to pick up. One single button, one single click per page, no computer.

Precise and efficient

Smart LED lighting, framing always successful thanks to its integrated lasers, anti-reflection, anti-halo and sharpness control.

Large formats: A3 (poster) to A8 (business card)

Scan easily any document formats up to A3, and even beyond, with the mosaic feature.

Mobile and secure

Tiny, independent, with 8h autonomy and over 2,000 pages integrated memory.


Innovating features such as characters recognition (OCR), automatic correction of page curvature.


Automatic transfer and sharing features toward your Cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) and social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.)

The PUP universe

The result of 2 years of collaboration between engineers
and designers.

One week with PUP

Monday, 11.10am

I’m scanning my professional documents in one click

On a business trip, Pierre, a consultant, uses PUP to scan and archive safely his clients' reports.

Simplified framing
The laser allows you to frame the picture directly at the moment of the shooting. Reframing manually on a screen is over: your life is simplified.
Automatic backup
Your document is automatically sent to Google Drive, Cloud or Dropbox.
Tuesday, 4.04pm

I’m studying without any cumbersome papers.

At the library, Lucie, a college student, uses PUP to scan and store the book she’ll need to ace her exams, directly to her computer.

Scan even books
Even scanning books becomes a breeze. The PUP lets you hold the book in the right position and corrects the curvature for you.
Works offline
No wifi available? No problem! The PUP will wait for you to be connected to transfer automatically your documents to their destination.
Wednesday, 2.35pm

I’m saving time during my meetings.

In their meeting, architects Renaud and Alexandre can now share their plans in just one click thanks to PUP.

From A3 to A8 and even beyond
PUP lets you shoot any format in high definition from the business card to the poster.
The Mosaic feature gives you access to even larger formats ; it allows you to automatically assemble sub-sections of a large picture.
Thursday, 5pm

I’m simplifying my office work.

At the end of the month, Guillaume, a CEO, uses his PUP to scan his bills of expenses. He can then email them to his accountant and save them on his Cloud in one click.

Stay seated at your desk
Thanks to the laser, no need to reframe the picture.
Simplified paper flow
Connect your papers with your usual work tools without any manual action from you.
Friday, 7.17pm

I’m taking my sheet music with me on vacation.

Julie is leaving her apartment for the summer. Thanks to the PUP, she has finally found a solution to take a copy of her music score on her tablet. She’ll be able to keep on practicing during her vacation.

Pages can be assembled into a single PDF file. You can also choose to group them into a Zip or to transfer them one by one.
Multi destination
The only limit of a case scenario is your creativity. You may choose several destinations so your documents follow you everywhere you need them.
Saturday, 3.43pm

I’m saving and sharing my personal pictures

Martin is taking a trip down memory lane; thanks to the PUP he can share all his old pictures with his family.

Sharpness control
With the PUP, never miss a shot. If something goes wrong, the PUP warns you so you may start over: your scans are always perfect.
Until now, it was impossible to shoot images easily from glossy paper or from behind a window. Problem solved with the PUP which innovates with its smart light and its anti-halo system.
Sunday, 6pm

I can follow my family’s artistic news !

At a sleepover at his grand-parents, Hugo uses the PUP to share all of his drawings with his Mom, Dad, Grand-ma, Auntie… in one click !

One single button
PUP is accessible to all and requires no particular skill. Anyone at all can use it in all simplicity.
Connected to the social media
Create a bridge between your daily pictures and your favorite media. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are only a PUP click away!

Choose your PUP

The PUP is available in Black, Electrical blue, Gold, Pink gold and Silver.
From $299 on Indiegogo