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Frequently asked questions

In fact, it would be hard to make a complete presentation about DPI resolution.
1) Short answer: you can read very tiny characters until A3 (for instance a large newspaper). Above that one needs to use the “mosaic” feature we are developing to capture multiple sub-areas in HD for the same page and assemble them afterwards to create the big picture.
2) Long answer: the DPI question is like the Pixel question: you can read a lot of misinformation on the subject. For instance, cheap smartphone are announcing the same number of pixel than premium smartphones. We all know the “real” quality is not in the Pixels.
Pixels, and so DPI, are only a small part of the chain. You need to take into consideration: lightings, optical elements, focus… etc. When elaborating the Pup, we have worked on optimizing every step of this chain to reach an outstanding quality.

Well probably Blue or Grey, we have not chosen yet. What do you think?
We can only make one color for now. But it can change when we reach our $100K stretch goal

Some people are interested in very large format, such as A2 (large poster dimensions). In this situation, we offer you a way to capture as many HD slices of the image as needed. Then you can ask the Pup to compute and render the whole image by assembling the parts.

Yes, we are providing OCR feature. It will extract text fragments from your image an allow you to import them into Word & Excel.

We will provide a way for direct accessing your images is situation when you cannot connect to the cloud. We are still not done making our decision between providing USB cable access or providing direct Wifi access.

Yes absolutely, with the Pup you can have very high resolution until A4 size. A3 resolution will be still pretty good and sufficient for most usage.

The streaming feature is about sharing a low frame rate video with someone by sending a web link by email.  For instance, when on Skype it could be used as an additional “hand cam” for tutorials or DIY support. This feature is still under development as it was “unlocked” only a few days ago.