The alliance of design and technology at the service of innovation

An experience and performances vastly superior to that of your Smartphone.

The elegance of simplicity

In the reinvented experience of the scan, only one click separates paper from the cloud. The handling is natural and ergonomic. The single easy button allows you to click with your thumb.

The wrist position and the laser viewfinder have been specifically studied to allow you to stay comfortably seated without compromising the quality of the result.

Aluminium brings elegance, a satiny look and wear-resistance without equal. On the back, the cushy area brings you a comfortable and secure grip. The PUP is available in Black, Electrical blue, Gold, Pink Gold and Silver.

The science of paper

There are numerous kinds of papers : fine or thick, matte or glossy, flat or textured. None of those reacts the same way to light. Each support has its own dimensions : rectangular, square, portrait or landscape… The PUP includes numerous innovations so it excels in all situations.

Smart lighting
The PUP has its own lighting system that combines numerous technologies for a perfect result. The double flash eliminates reflections caused by glossy papers. The light is filtrated to eliminate stains caused by glasses and glossiness.

Nano-holographic laser viewfinder
The PUP includes the latest nano-technologies : a holographic lens that can project a laser viewfinding frame directly on the sheet of paper.

Smartscan vs Smartphone

With its diminutive size, PUP stands out by its efficiency. It allows you to scan in HD, more easily,
more simply and more rapidly than with a smartphone.

Here is an example of an image scanned with the PUP : perfect definition without any quality loss.